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This blog post is all about making money, not for ourselves or the company but for others less fortunate! Capgemini is proud of its dedication to charity and sustainability, within the CDC we have a Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability internal work stream to promote and continue the work of the company in helping charitable causes and the environment. One of the most exciting bits of charity work we are doing this year is a fundraising competition for the Prince’s Trust called the “Million Makers!”

The Prince’s Trust is one of Capgemini’s preferred charities and as a group we have done many events to support them such as the Palace to Palace cycle ride. The purpose of the trust is to help support disadvantaged young people get back into employment, training, education or volunteering. During our launch day we heard some very emotional stories from two young adults who have been able to turn their lives around despite previous problems with the law and mental illness. It was compelling to hear how the trust was able to have such an impact and how the money we raise could help.

The Million Makers is an inter-business fundraising competition in which different teams compete to see who can raise the most money for the trust over a period of six months. We are given a £1,500 grant and a mandate to be as creative as possible so that we can beat the fundraising target of £10,000. The current title holders managed to raise a staggering £160,000 so we have a very big target set for us! The best thing about this challenge is that we not only get to help a really worthwhile charity that supports some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people but we will also get to develop our key consulting skills as well.
As a consultant at Capgemini we are expected to be entrepreneurial, to connect the dots, and transform a clients business by being creative with our solutions. The Million Makers challenge is exactly the same except we have complete control over the money and the benefits we make can have a huge impact on the lives of young people in the UK. It’s a great experience to be in control of a budget ourselves and to grow the seed funding through our team efforts. Our team is a mix of CDCers, grads from the Apps side of the business as well as internal and external senior mentors who will be guiding our progress and shaping our ideas so that we can make as much money as possible. Since the purpose of the competition is to develop our business skills as well as fundraise for charity we are all trying to take roles that will challenge us in some way but also represent some of our strengths so that we perform well as a team. I’ve taken on the role of secretary so that I can improve my organisation and ability to perform essential project management duties!
We’ve only just started the challenge but I can already see the benefits that it will give me as a consultant, the ability to effectively organise meetings, research and present creative fundraising ideas and producing compelling business cases are all things that we are developing and can take on to our next clients. For example we had to prepare a business case that will be presented ‘Dragon’s Den’ style to a board of senior members of the Prince’s Trust who were meticulously in making sure we have accounted for everything, have the correct resources in place, and a proper team structure that will allow us to succeed. Exciting times!
Make sure you keep an eye out for our team “Ace of Spades” organising fun events in the Capgemini office as well as around London. In 6 months time we hope say we have achieved, and hopefully massively exceeded, the fundraising target!

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Conor Waldock
Conor Waldock
Conor is a Consultant at Capgemini having started at the company as a graduate. He is in the Performance Improvement team and has experience across a variety of different industries but has a particular focus in delivering improvement programmes within retail operations.

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