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The wonders of the ASE

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So what is the ASE and what is it all about?

Figure 1 - (I take no credit for this masterpiece)

Before I launch in, I don’t want to assume knowledge of an acronym! The ‘ASE’ is our ‘Accelerated Solutions Environment’ and is a facility which enables our clients to achieve profound results by thinking and working differently to solve ever more complex business issues. I could continue on this topic for days on end – but I’m not going to, our fantastic ASE team have done this for me. To find out more about out ASE, what it means for clients and the methodologies that sit behind the three letter acronym please follow the link below:

So what is my journey?

I joined Capgemini Consulting in September 2014 on our graduate programme where I was fortunate enough to go straight on to client site at a major UK Airport. I was part of a small team helping to deliver a new Command and Control Centre for the entire Airport – something I never thought I’d be doing after University. After a fantastic six months watching planes take off, I figured it was time to understand more about Capgemini’s wider business and the other offerings we have beyond the consulting bubble. This is when I began to consider an engagement in the ASE.
Within the consulting graduate programme there is the opportunity for an individual to explore the ASE on a three month rotation – something I was widely encouraged to do! Without hesitation and a couple of meetings later, I had my next three months all lined up.
What does a rotation look like in the ASE?
Since starting I have done roughly one event per week. These have ranged from smaller internal half day sessions to mammoth two day-ers. In terms of the kind of roles you might expect to be doing on an event, a graduate on rotation would typically be involved in setting the environment to an appropriate layout, writing the assignments for the event, printing and displaying any information (‘inputs’) necessary for the event or documenting and capturing the work done by the participants.
One thing you will generally hear about the ASE is that the hours are long. This is true when it comes to the events. On a typical preparation day for a one day event you would be aiming to get out before 11 (and yes that is 11pm). Obviously if participants are arriving for an event at 9 am, the team have to be there beforehand and have to stay after the participants leave to clean up and prepare for the next day. But these long days are confined to preparation and delivery of an event. Outside of event days working hours are pretty much in line with a typical consulting week.
What have I gained from my rotation?

As my journey comes to an end and I head back to the world of consulting, I have begun to reflect on my ASE experience. Beyond the late nights, early starts and endless paper-cuts from hyper-tiling, I will never forget the ASE team. The rotation has provided endless learning opportunities which I will take back, not just to my next consulting project, but the way in which I apply myself in day-to-day life. I have gained an appreciation and an understanding for design and systems thinking; a principle whereby everything in the ASE is done by design rather than default and increased my knowledge of Capgemini’s wider business and offerings outside of consulting.
Final words on the ASE

All in all, I would absolutely recommend an ASE rotation to any graduate joining our consulting community. It’s a great opportunity to get a high level view of Capgemini’s operations, work with different and interesting people and get a bit creative!
Here is something a colleague and I put together for an internal newsletter:

Figure 2 - (I can take credit for this, but it is no masterpiece)

To conclude, thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you found this interesting, the ASE has recently launched a separate blog where you can find out more about the team and their interesting stories:

About the author

Scott Jessop
Scott Jessop
Scott joined Capgemini Consulting in September 2014 having graduated from Bath University. He has a keen interest for innovative technology solutions and enjoys international travel and culture on both a personal and corporate level. Since joining the CDC programme his favourite moment was beating Deloitte in a Capgemini Consulting vs Deloitte football game.

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