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Getting started: the first week at Capgemini Consulting

The first week of induction at Capgemini Consulting has been eye opening, creative and fun! We arrived early on our first day full of apprehension and expectation. What skills a consultant requires, what roles we might receive and where we might be going were just some of the questions filling our minds. While still full of questions, many have been answered. We have been really welcomed by our new colleagues and employer.

Quickly, we were given insight into Capgemini’s consulting business and fully immersed into its culture; the latter a key reason why many of us were initially attracted to Capgemini Consulting. Every aspect of induction has encouraged us to adopt the behaviours expected of consultants working for Capgemini, not least that we should collaborate with others to create maximum value for Capgemini and our clients.

Workshops involving key consulting tools (T-Maps, Brown Paper, Effective Meeting Management, SWOT Analysis etc.), were delivered and enabled the group to practise Capgemini’s unique collaborative approach. Working closely with our fellow graduates and the unrivalled level of feedback from our presenters has equipped us with the perfect skill set to deliver effectively from our first day on client site. Of note, was a presentation by the ASE (Accelerated Solutions Environment) team, a key market differentiator for the Capgemini Group. We met those who work there and discussed how we could use their ideas and skills on client projects - truly invaluable.

Furthermore an important feature of induction has been overview presentations on Capgemini Consulting’s key industries: financial services, public sector, utilities, and consumer products and retail. It is clear to us that, by using the tools we learn as we develop as consultants, we can help Capgemini Consulting deliver value for its clients and become actively involved in shaping the future of these industries. From a personal perspective, this ability to complete work that is both meaningful and important is extremely exciting. The emphasis on how vital our role as CDC’ers is to both clients and Capgemini has demonstrated the immense value placed upon the CDC programme and its graduates’ abilities to contribute towards Capgemini’s future success. Further emphasis has been placed on how we can take ownership of our career paths and work in the industries that interest us, through both external client projects and internal assignments with our capability teams.

Induction has been created and delivered by two current members of the CDC programme. Many activities have highlighted the importance of networking to our fledgling careers as consultants and the group has quickly become comfortable working with fellow consultants. It is clear that one of our major resources as CDC’ers is the knowledge base of our peers. This point has been thoroughly driven home by the numerous current CDC’ers who have offered their time to educate us, none more than Cathy Oates and Rich Longstreet, our induction hosts. The value of speaking to many individuals currently on the CDC programme cannot be understated! They have imparted knowledge of their experiences working on client site, travelling and the fun that the CDC community has regularly. Socials have been organised to further our networking opportunities. One memorable event was a quiz with our allocated ‘buddies’.

The most encouraging discovery has been the time and support available to new graduates, right through Capgemini Consulting’s hierarchy. This will allow us to be the most effective, creative and free thinking consultants we can be.

The plethora of new ideas and concepts learned over the past week has been astonishing and we are looking forward to a second week just as insightful and useful as the first.  We are sure that we speak for the entire September 2015 intake in saying that we are excited to have been given the opportunity to work in Capgemini’s unique environment.

About the author

Benjamin Hawes

Benjamin is an Associate Consultant within the Employee Transformation team. Before Capgemini Benjamin worked in a variety of industries, which included the legal sector. Benjamin has a keen interest in the public and financial services sectors. In his first project Benjamin has been involved in project management within the aerospace industry.

About the author

Jack Crowe
Jack Crowe
Jack is a Business and Technology Innovation consultant within the Enterprise Business Services Practice. He is currently working on a project at one of Europe's largest Investment Banks designing a new IT operating model. Jack has a keen professional interest in how technology can be leveraged to transform Banking and Financial Services.

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