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A secondment to Capgemini Global

This February, I joined Capgemini’s Global Tax & Welfare Community, on an internal secondment to Capgemini Global. Whilst on this secondment, I’m part of the central governance team which is based in the UK, but the overall community I operate in involves all of our Capgemini worldwide offices where we work with national tax and welfare agencies.  In addition to those offices, I also work closely with a team in India who act as a Knowledge Centre for Capgemini’s global experience and capabilities, and who maintains our database of client credentials.


So what is the key benefit of working in a global community?

Global experience is particularly important when it comes to public sector work. Unlike in the private sector, in public sector it’s difficult to show where you have done great work before in a comparable environment. For example, when pitching for a project at a supermarket you haven’t worked with before, you could demonstrate where you have worked with a different supermarket previously, demonstrating your knowledge and experience.

However, most countries only have one tax and one welfare agency, so unless you have worked with them previously, it can be challenging to showcase your experience with a directly applicable comparison of work.   

By leveraging the work we have done globally in tax and welfare agencies, we can show our clients the great work we have done abroad, to help win projects or change the dynamic of our relationship with the client.


So how does this affect me?

My main role is in enabling the sharing of these experiences, knowledge and deliveries across Capgemini so that new opportunities can be created with either existing agencies or with new countries through pre-sales work and subsequent bids. Capgemini has a wide range of delivery successes globally, so we also spend significant time in ensuring we can showcase this breadth of knowledge through client case studies – something easier said than done, given the challenge in getting client approval for each reference. But my role is not only showcasing Capgemini’s global capabilities. It is also about maintaining an ever-changing active community across multiple time zones, and ensuring that our members feel actively involved and supported in their work. My work can be anything from creating collateral for use in client discussions, to conducting research projects, or organising global workshops.

To give you an example of this, in March, my project manager and I organised one such workshop in the Netherlands, to be held over 2 days. The aim of the workshop was to provide a platform for discussion, problem solving and also innovation – looking forward in anticipation of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the public sector landscape. I drafted the agenda and secured speakers for the event, and experienced remotely planning the logistics of a workshop, which was interesting, to say the least. In the workshop itself, I helped to facilitate sessions to drive useful discussions and outputs, and to ensure that the 2 days ran smoothly and generally added value to our members. It was really fun running the workshop, as well as meeting representatives from each country - most of whom were senior figures. I also got to spend some time to spend in Amsterdam after the workshop, which was pretty big bonus!

So, in summary, my stance on global work is a wholly positive one. It has given me really strong insight to the work that broader Capgemini Group does, and a more practical view of our wider strategy as a global organisation. I have learnt a lot about the different ways of working across countries, and about adjusting my style of work to accommodate them. If the opportunity to work with a global team comes your way, I would definitely recommend the experience.

About the author

Jila Bahri-Esfahani
Jila Bahri-Esfahani
Jila is an Associate Consultant within the Business Model Transformation team. Prior to joining Capgemini Consulting in January 2015, Jila worked for several years in the publishing industry, in both Commercial and Sales roles. Her main interests are in business development and Lean ways of working, and she is passionate about charity fundraising. She is currently chairing the 2015 Capgemini Million Makers team as part of a UK wide challenge to raise money for The Prince’s Trust.

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