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Reflections from a CDC alumni

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Can you remember your first impressions of Capgemini and the Graduate Programme?

I was quite overwhelmed by the calibre of the individuals who I was joining with – but immediately felt part of a team with a wider support network.

What were your reasons for joining Capgemini and why have you stayed here?

This one’s easy:

  • People – The strength of people who you get to work with, and learn from – some of my closest friends are Capgemini colleagues
  • Challenge – The fact that I am continually being stretched and learning new things – it has given my career path a huge boost
  • Variety – No two days are ever the same – from delivering board level presentations to delivering global training courses

What is your fondest memory of your time in the graduate programme?

When I was working on a project for a leading retail company I spotted a challenge with the delivery plan. I raised this and a potential solution to the Project Manager and then the Client. The Client gave the go ahead to implement the solution and I was given the opportunity to lead the team of 12 to deliver it. This taught me at the start of my career that if you have a good idea and the capability to deliver it then you will be given the opportunity to lead.

Where is your career heading now?

My journey over the past 9 years has been great. I have had 4 promotions and am a member of the global leadership programme. I am an account manager for Consulting in the welfare sector – I really enjoy supporting Clients to be successful – and am the Global Lead for our Digital Operating Model methodology – where I get to work on numerous areas including recruitment, training, proposition development, and Client pitches. I enjoy bringing my delivery experience to the fore in shaping new projects.

What is your advice on how to take advantage of creating your own career?

Joining a consulting firm is very different to other industries in that you have a job, but not a specific role. Working for Capgemini gives you the opportunity to shape your career right from the start. People who succeed in this environment are those who are proactive and rapidly form strong networks of people that they want to work with.

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