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Reflections from a CDC alumni

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Can you remember your first impressions of Capgemini and the Graduate Programme?

My first impressions of Capgemini were undoubtedly influenced by the people.  My first impression was, what great people to be working with and what a fantastic opportunity to learn from these people but also be valued by those same people.  On the same note, the CDC shared that team / community spirit and the approach that if good people enjoy their job, they would do things well.

What were your reasons for joining Capgemini and why have you stayed here?

I joined Capgemini because of the interest and diversity that Management Consulting delivers.  The opportunity to work in so many different industries on so many different types of roles and challenges is quite unique.  When I first joined the then CEO of consulting said that one of the great benefits is that no two days are the same, and by-in-large, I have to agree! 

I’ve stayed because of the opportunity to keep make a difference; big or small; Capgemini’s ears are always open to new, creative and innovative ideas.

What is your fondest memory of your time in the graduate programme?

If I pick two specifics; the first week was super – the induction and team building was such a success and while it could have been the excitement of a new job, I also put a huge amount of it down to the people I began to meet.  The second week at Les Fontaines, Capgemini’s training facility at their University in Paris, with attendees from around the globe.  This presented the realisation of being part of a global and great company. 

Has management consulting helped you on your career path?

Absolutely yes.  Today I have merged my roots in IT with the management consulting / change management skills I have learnt while in CC.  As CTO my approach always falls back to using the skills I learnt in consulting and of course I am still learning!  Putting our people first makes technology advice so much more relevant than the technology itself.

What is your advice on how to take advantage of creating your own career?

Ultimately do what you enjoy.  If you enjoy something you are likely to do it better.  At the same time seek out opportunities “own and shape” the work you are doing.  Owning the journey your take to achieve a goal brings you so much closed to the work, and you then invest more of yourself to ensuring a success, and subsequently the more you invest the more you learn.

About the author

Marcus Stimler
Marcus Stimler
Marcus joined Capgemini’s CDC in 2004 and since he has worked across the consulting business in multiple sectors. In 2007, he started a project that looked at how to better leverage technology to improve business. In 2009, he took up the role of CTO for Capgemini Consulting in the UK. He has been CTO for the UK since 2013 working with all UK Capgemini business areas to ensure business constant progression in digital and innovative working.

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