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The Social Side of the CDC

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Something we all love about the graduate scheme at Capgemini Consulting is the social side of the CDC

There is a fantastic calendar of social activities in the CDC. We have a dedicated events stream who organise monthly get-togethers for everyone in the CDC, called FNF (Friday Night Fun). These are the monthly socials where we invite all of the CDC and the CDC alumni together to relax and maintain the famous sense of community in the CDC over drinks and activities; there’s been Dodgeball, Rounders in Regent’s Park and many nights out funded by the company. It’s a fantastic opportunity for all of us who work on different client sites during the week to catch up and have some (sometimes competitive!) fun.

Most recently, not deterred by the previous month’s big Dodgeball tournament, the CDC willingly ventured to play Zorb football. For anyone wondering what on earth this is, Zorb football is just like ordinary football – except for the huge inflatable ball you are all wearing! CDCers and alumni were quick to realise this was no place for fancy football... In the end, we couldn’t even remember the score lines, just the funniest falls.

It’s always great to do something a little bit out of the ordinary and bring the CDC family together.

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Adrien Darnaud
Adrien Darnaud
Adrien is an Associate Consultant within Capgemini Consulting’s Analytics practice with cross industry experience including consumer products, health and central government. Recently Adrien has focused on a complex large scale data analytics transformation programme. Adrien holds an MSc degree in Business Analytics from the University of Warwick

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