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My first month in the Financial Services Academy

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I joined Capgemini early January, and wow how the time has flown! Within the graduate programme that is called the CDC (Consultant Development Community), I am part of the Financial Services Academy, or FSA. The graduate scheme remains essentially the same, except that we are focused on Financial Sector (FS) clients. It means that we are likely to experience different projects during the two years, while remaining focused on one sector. We also have to take other accreditations which are more specific. After two weeks of induction, we had another two days of training focused on specific financial topics, such as risk management and insurance. Most of us in this programme have a finance background, so it was good to further explore some themes we had covered during the general induction. The format meant we could meet a lot of consultants from the ‘FS Family’, feeling even more welcomed. With all of the digital disruption going on in the FS sector it feels like an exciting time to join Capgemini Consulting.

Induction was really useful, but after nearly three weeks I definitely wanted to get out to client site. After one day of ‘rest’ to cover off admin tasks, it was straight off to client site. As with every new project, I was quite nervous and excited at the same time. I am now working for a major bank, on their ring fencing programme. In a nutshell, ring fencing is a new UK regulation that obliges banks to effectively split their investment arm from the rest of the bank (which is thus ‘ring fenced’). The first weeks are pretty interesting for an Associate Consultant, as you have to adapt to a lot of things: your team, your client, the different offices etc. Ring fencing is quite a big project, and different Capgemini teams work on it, as well as other consultancies. I found it quite challenging at first to simply know who’s who. Indeed, people are very busy and new joiners are quite frequent, so it’s an ever changing environment. Thankfully, after a few face-to-face meetings, it got a lot easier. In terms of role, I am responsible for supporting the legal team on the ring fencing project...and what a great learning curve.

What I really like in this environment is the opportunity for change. Banks usually have the reputation of being quite static and rigid entities. Yet, what I see now in ring fencing is the complete opposite. There is a lot of work to be done and the bank will have to change by law. The project is in its early stages so I can really see it being shaped and changed every day. I also feel I can really have an impact on it, even though I don’t have that much experience. As a new joiner, I would have expected to see the project already all planned, but Capgemini has a different approach and shapes it through a true collaboration with the client. I am mostly helping with the project management side of it, so I think I will gain a deeper knowledge of how to manage a large scale project in a banking environment. It feels like so many things already happened in a month, but I really cannot wait to experience the rest.

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Carole Boissat
Carole Boissat
Carole is an Associate Consultant in the Business Model Transformation Practice, with a focus on Strategy & Operating Model. Her knowledge and delivery expertise lie within the Financial Services industry.

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