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Six months in the CDC

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In my last blog post, I talked about how exciting it was to join the Consultant Development Community (CDC) at Capgemini UK, and focused on the genuine chance for international engagements. You then heard from my colleague Ed Jobson, who wrote about working with cross-cultural teams. He has since been travelling the width and breadth of North America for a global rollout. If you are interested in some of the perks of international consultancy, then you may want to read Morgan Rees’ analysis of travel industry reward programmes. So what are the key things that I have taken away from my first six months?

No single day is the same, and it has genuinely flown by. At the same time it does feel as though I have been a part of this great community for a lot longer than that. Some of my colleagues have graduated from the CDC, and we have since had a new intake of young professionals. It’s fair to say that I feel much more grounded in my new career. After a first engagement abroad, I am now working feverishly at a public sector client helping with their infrastructure modernisation.

It’s great being based in London, but I still travel to the four corners of these Isles to support the client in its ambitious target to totally modernise its IT infrastructure. We’ve been rolling out new business applications; IT and telephony infrastructure, across over 65 offices– and now we have the exciting opportunity to put together a first rate digital Contact Centre.

There is always time made for training and development. Deva Gilroy Sen wrote about the induction programme and how that prepares us for our first client engagement – in these first six months, I’ve called on those first experiences regularly and I have been working towards three accreditations that I am due to complete imminently. I also attended the Consulting Skills Workshop in Les Fontaines, outside Paris, absolutely unique to Capgemini and an amazing experience.

There is a real sense of community. Whether that is CDC events, update calls or spotlights from around the business – you never feel far away from your CDC colleagues. I am increasingly becoming involved in many other aspects – an example of which you can read about by my colleague Jonathan who has been endorsed to spend business time working with the Prince’s Trust. Recently I helped run part of the CDC Quarterly Meeting – a great opportunity for all the Graduate Community to come together and learn about one another’s projects. We also focused on corporate responsibility and learned about how this is not just ‘a good thing to do’ but also how Capgemini’s socially and environmentally conscious approach adds value to clients, by reducing costs and improving relations with customers, to name just a few benefits.

After six months in the CDC, I have mainly worked with a public sector client, but I know there is a wealth of prospects in other sectors – a major benefit of CCUK’s broad footprint. In the short time that I have been a consultant I have had the chance to see different stages of transformation. I am hoping that with my next role, I will get to see the transformation from start to finish; an end to end view, it’s a rare thing and something Capgemini is uniquely placed to deliver.

Hard to believe it has only been six months, I wonder what the next six will bring.

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Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Robert joined Capgemini in September 2015 as a member of the Strategy and Operating Model Team and has worked at a major account based in the Netherlands and on national public sector accounts. He studied Economics & Finance and Post-graduate Law, has a keen interested in Financial Services and the Public Sector. Prior to Capgemini, Robert was a Business Change Manager at an Enterprise Architecture Consultancy; his interests include business, community projects and technology.

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