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Around the World in 1 Engagement

Before joining the CDC I’d been inter-railing around Europe and spent 7 weeks travelling around Australia and Singapore, and I loved every minute of it. The opportunity to travel for work was a big factor in me pursuing a career as a management consultant, and when you combine this with Capgemini Consulting’s collaborative ethos and commitment to personal development, deciding to join the CDC was an easy choice.

So far, I can confidently say my thirst for travelling has been quenched!.

Over the past 9 months, I’ve been working with an international consumer goods company as the training lead for their global rollout of a new computer system for their contact centre staff. I am responsible for helping hundreds of these new users understand how to use the new tool and any new processes they need to follow. This has involved me creating training curriculums, drawing up advisor training plans and managing stakeholders across the business. It has also required me to deliver face-to-face training to local leadership teams and it is because of this that I’ve been on trips all over the world – the US, Canada, Argentina and South Africa and my most recent trip to Australia.

Sydney – Anzac Memorial Park

While the travelling has been great fun and I have visited some beautiful places, it’s not all walking around Central Park in the snow and enjoying the nightlife of Buenos Aires (although I did definitely do both of these!). Consultants at Capgemini are always expected to add value for their clients and this is no less true when working abroad. If anything, I was working longer hours abroad that when I was in the client’s office in the UK; the client staff in the local offices were always keen to make the most of my time with them. I was also spending more time on stakeholder management activities which were a lot easier to carry out face-to-face.

New York - Taken as I was walking around Central Park in the snow

Buenos Aires – The morning after I’d enjoyed the nightlife

It is true that some of the destinations I’ve travelled too were not as exotic as others. One particular location on the east side of Canada had an oil refinery, lots of snow and lots more snow. So much snow in fact, that I had two flights home cancelled due to bad weather! Though the climate and travel situation were less than ideal, the professional experience was extremely valuable. It also gave me the opportunity to visit somewhere remote that otherwise I would never have been.

Canada’s challenges were very much a one-off and were dwarfed by the other experiences I have enjoyed. Some destinations have been everything I’d hope for and more. Durban in South Africa was a particular highlight; I’d never been there before and I was able to take a couple of day’s holiday there once I’d finished the client work to enjoy the sights and the superior climate.

Durban – The Golden Mile

Overall, my experience of travelling for work on the CDC has been fantastic. While it has been hard work, I’ve been to some great places and it’s definitely exceeded my expectations of the sort of travel opportunities I would have. While not all project opportunities for CDC’ers will involve international travel, these opportunities do exist and are a great example of the high levels of responsibility given to CDC’ers on projects. My advice for any current and future CDC’ers wanting to work on an international project is to use your networks within the business and show enthusiasm!

Now all I need to do is try to get myself on a project based in the Bahamas....

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Phil Smith
Phil Smith
Phil has been in the CDC for just over a year and is part of the Enterprise Business Services practice. Before joining the CDC, he studied a Mathematical Sciences degree at the University of Bath, a year of which was spent doing a work placement with a leading global consumer electronics company. Phil was once mistaken for US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps by two tourists from Brazil.

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