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The Two Week Welcome to the CDC

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As I write this on my way to client site, travelling on a train across the Scottish Rivera, it dawns on me I have been at Capgemini for 3 months! I find myself drifting back, reflecting on how it all started at induction.

Working my way through the crowded underground I eventually emerge at the office where I see a group of people stood in a circle making the usual small talk. Little did I know that just a few weeks down the line I would find myself in Berlin with the same group acting as if we had known each other for years. The comradery of induction truly left its mark.

We were met by our two hosts; one a current CDCer (the name given to a member of the Consulting Development Community), the other a recent graduate of the CDC, who welcomed us to the family and led our induction over the next 2 weeks.  We embarked on a day of get to know you games, presentations and skill building. The day ended in a nearby watering hole playing some table tennis (some better than others). Over the next week we listened to insightful talks from presenters from all levels of the business from current CDCers to the CEO. This provided real insight into the company we had joined and made me look forward to the weeks, months and years to come.

What struck me the most during the first week was the commitment to our development. Senior members of the company were willing to take time away from their clients and internal work to welcome us to the company and provide us with advice and anecdotes. I haven’t seen another company that does this much for their graduates. As the week went on we had numerous opportunities to meet people who would prove instrumental to our lives at Cap, either having breakfast with our capability teams, coffee meetings with our career councillors or other forms of refreshment with our fellow CDCers at ‘Friday Night Fun’. Week 1 was a blur of fun, learning and networking.

My group and I presenting in our first week of Induction

The highlight of week 2 was the presentation to the CDC exec team as our final exercise of induction. Without spoiling it for future CDCers, what I will say is be prepared for anything!  The lessons from this presentation will stay with me for the rest of my career and I have already put these into practice in meetings and other presentations. Each day of induction was unique, focussing on a variety of topics such as Capgemini, the clients we work with and the industries we work in. Other days were focused on core consulting skills where we learnt some key tools to help us in our careers (some of which I use every week). Induction gives everyone a base level of knowledge and skills which are essential as most of us were off on projects the following week.

Throughout induction the emphasis of how vital our role as CDCers is to clients and to Capgemini has showcased the value placed upon the CDC programme and its member’s ability to contribute to the success of Capgemini. Further emphasis is placed on how you can take control of your career path and work in industries that interest you, through client project as well as internal assignments. Capgemini emphasises ‘be the you, you want to be’ and this is real, not just a tagline.

Me getting beat in the final of one of our infamous energisers

My intake has now been on project for over 2 months all over the country but have managed to stay very close. We try to sit together in the office on Fridays to catch up and if not there is the ever pinging Whatsapp to keep us entertained. It is good to know that everyone is in the same boat and you have your peers to lean on if needed. This also applies to the wider CDC community, everyone is welcoming and helpful. The CDC as a graduate scheme is self driven, this means that if you want to do something it’s up to you to set it up. Because of this I have found that there is a lot of fun and interesting things going on both work related and outside of work. These first months have been unforgettable; I can’t wait to see what the next two years bring!

Members of my intake performing at one of our evening socials

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Sahil Patel
Sahil Patel
Sahil is an Associate consultant within the Strategy and Operating Model Team. Sahil joined Capgemini in 2016 and his experience lies within digital transformation as well as retail and hospitality.

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