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My first six months in the Financial Services Academy

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I feel that six months is always a long time, especially when starting your career. When I look back at my first six months in Capgemini’s graduate programme, I see a lot of client meetings, internal projects, training sessions... and of course a lot of fun! Lots of things happened in this period and overall everyone in my intake really enjoys it. Change is definitely a big part of our daily job so we have all learnt how to make it work in our favour!

Members of the CDC at the recent CDC Quarterly Meeting

As a member of the Financial Services Academy (FSA), which is part of the wider Capgemini Graduate Programme, my focus has been on Financial Services (FS) projects. During my first six months I have worked for two major banks, one in Retail and one in Corporate Investment Banking (CIB). The environments are different but both very interesting! Both of my projects were regulatory oriented so I had a lot of stakeholders to deal with and several streams to coordinate. My roles were focused on supporting the Project Manager and making sure that the appropriate reporting and tracking were taking place across the project. As young consultants we usually have longer and deeper rotations, which enables us to build upon our previous engagement experiences to start shaping our expertise. Between the two projects I have also helped senior consultants responding to commercial bids to win more work. Some weeks were a great test but this is the environment in which you learn the most and develop your skillset!

The FS Academy is a great way to develop ones sector knowledge outside the client’s office. As a community we have regular knowledge share sessions so we can understand what our fellow FSAers are doing in other projects and share the learnings of their experience. The FS Academy is a relatively new programme within Capgemini so these types of initiatives are really important and are one of the many pillars of our community.

The Learning & Development curriculum is an equally valuable offering of the FSA. It gives us access to a library of finance focused dedicated e-learning materials, as well as the opportunity to attend face-to-face (F2F) classes. The F2F classes include specific induction modules on several FS topics with a wide range of internal speakers. The speakers do an amazing job bringing the methodologies to life and sharing a broad range of experiences from their application of the theory.  Members of the FSA are also encouraged to undertake specialised accreditations; I just started my Professional Banker Certificate. It is very difficult to overstate the value of said investment in Graduate development; in the early stages of my career I am always looking to up skill myself and I appreciate Capgemini’s shared interest.

Members of the FSA during a training session

In summary I assure you being in the FSA has really helped me to hit the ground running and build my FS understanding right from the start of my time at Capgemini. I am therefore very pleased to report, 6 months in, the FSA is exactly what I had hoped for; an inspiring group of graduates, with a shared interest in the financial sector, growing as a community of consultants. And looking ahead, I am very excited to capitalise on all the opportunities for further development.

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Carole Boissat
Carole Boissat
Carole is an Associate Consultant in the Business Model Transformation Practice, with a focus on Strategy & Operating Model. Her knowledge and delivery expertise lie within the Financial Services industry.

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