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The FSA – 3 months in

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I can hardly believe it has been 3 months since I joined the CDC. I was so nervous! If I could go back to the week before induction at the beginning of April, I would undoubtedly be reassured by the fun, stimulating and exciting time I have had since.

Within in the CDC I am part of the Financial Services Academy, so technically my induction was not quite over yet. Previously the FSA had had a few extra days tagged onto the end of the initial two-week induction to explain the various financial concepts we might be working with on our projects. However, this time we had six separate knowledge sessions throughout the first couple of months, covering topics ranging from financial products to investment banking. As we are all based with different clients it was a great way to bring us back together, whether it was in Holborn or over the phone. The sessions were also open to past FSA CDCers, which meant we had the added benefits of broadening our networks, hearing about Capgemini’s past projects in the financial sector, and sharing our tumultuous client experiences! It was fascinating to hear not only of how Capgemini’s involvement with the financial sector has grown so fast in the recent years, but also how they have done this in perhaps one of the most challenging and transformative sectors. The combination of the knowledge sessions, insight and support in the CDC made sure we could go onto client-site with a solid understanding of what we needed to do, and perhaps more importantly, who to ask if we didn’t!

Thus my first client was indeed, in the financial sector, and I had only one day on the bench before landing in a far-far away location – south of the Thames! My project focuses on a concept called ‘agile’ (a Project Management Methodology) transformation, meaning we are responsible for guiding the bank through its adoption of agile principles within its current framework, governance and culture. It is a multi-dimensional task, requiring us to delve into agile values, managing a bank’s receptiveness to change, and the realistic practices needed to upskill an entire financial institution. Honestly, it is amazing to think how six months ago I knew nothing of this approach to working, and now I have an incredibly in-depth understanding of not only how it can be applied, but also what it is like to work in an agile workforce!

Retrospectively, the evolution of my responsibilities, the team, and the project itself has been challenging and extremely gratifying. It is a real enjoyment to be able to come to work each day and work in a diverse team of colleagues, and also friends. At Capgemini each colleague is valued and encouraged to share their ideas, and this has been pivotal to how our team has evolved. Everything I have learnt, whether it be an alternative methodology of how we could implement agile transformation, to when is the best time to update DTX, to how to maintain visibility in Capgemini whilst being full-time on client-site, have all had a part in making the past 3 months an absolutely irreplaceable time in my CDC journey. If there is one thing I have learnt it is that it is impossible to say what I will discover over the next two years, but judging from my experience thus far, it is going to be a full-on, exciting journey!

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Madeline Snedker
Madeline Snedker
Maddie joined the CDC in April 2016 as part of the Business Model Transformation practice. She studied Economics and Politics at Bath University and has a background working in Investment Banking, which steered her into the Financial Services Academy. Interesting fact – my induction experience didn’t just teach me consulting skills.. life skills came in the form of my first bus journey!

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