Business and Technology Innovation

Business leaders face two complementary challenges in reshaping their organisations. They have to accelerate top line revenue growth through service and technology innovation, whilst industrialising their activities to meet new performance and quality requirements and fund the transformation. The CIO has an important personal challenge to become a leader and guide in this changing landscape, as business colleagues become increasingly involved (or even autonomous) in technology planning, selection and deployment.

Our expertise and Unique approach

Our role is to support business leaders in their goal to innovate new revenues and business models, whilst simplifying their IT landscape and reducing cost and risk. To achieve this, we help them design new offerings and services and transform related systems and operational models.

We have in-depth expertise in the industrialisation of IT operations: globalisation and off shoring strategies; leverage of cloud computing; transformation of operational management; and lean IT. Finally, we help our clients reshape strategic and financial governance of IT as we move into a new world of distributed accountability.

We are a global network of more than 300 experts who provide innovative technological thinking combined with strategic ambition and operational excellence. We provide real world insights gleaned from our Capgemini delivery colleagues and orchestrate end-to-end solutions from concept to operation – we follow the thinking and planning with delivery and achievement.


New technologies and services open up a world of opportunity for existing organisations.  But the stampede to Digital presents many pitfalls such as: slow out of the gate, investing in the wrong projects,  putting the Digital stamp on pet projects to get them approved, leaping to solutions, bypassing sound Enterprise Architecture practices, leaving the Design Authority in the dark ages, ineffective business/architecture engagement.

We help organisations address these challenges through a range of structured solutions. We invest in our own innovation techniques and environments and can also provide a client-site innovation capability. We partner with business incubators (in Silicon Valley, Paris and London) and can assist with disruptive innovation plays. We partner with the world’s leading technology companies to help our clients predict and catch the next technology wave.

We support business leaders in:
  • Setting up investment strategies for business adoption, employing a broad vision to create a balanced portfolio of start-ups, programmes and digital projects
  • Pioneering the transformation to new IT through Customer Value Prototyping (CVP), delivering systems and services that are flexible, multi-platform and multi-device
  • Designing the optimal organisation for digital IT: operating models, IS governance, multi-sourcing and skills
  • Defining new  business and supplier partnerships
  • Designing the operational processes for digital IT: collaborative R&D, and digital supply chain


Industrialising and securing IT operations is high on the agenda of every forward looking Board. IT departments have to continually propose offerings with greater reliability, more flexibility, and ever-growing quality standards while addressing the need for cost management. Business units have to participate in this agenda, and understand the implications of poorly architected and secured technology services. The rush to revenues and social engagement is no excuse for poor service, insecure information and increased complexity. This industrialisation effort enables the business to save money to reinvest in Digital Transformation initiatives.

Capgemini Consulting has leading expertise in successful industrialisation of IT organisations:
  • New operational models: globalisation, off shoring and IT shared service centres
  • New engagement models: cloud computing and SaaS
  • Cost reduction through new technologies: virtualised infrastructures / applications
  • Improving operational performance: lean IT, intelligent service desk
  • Setting up financial transparency and improved performance: service catalogues, costing - pricing systems, service level adjustment, usage based invoicing
  • IS landscape rationalisation
  • Shaping of new IT governance models
  • Sourcing and skills

This expertise is leveraged to help business leaders define their strategies, ease decision making and create momentum for transformation.

Our track record

Recent examples of our work include:

  • Major transport infrastructure provider Detailed IT investment strategy from the near term until 2018. This project engaged a wide range of business stakeholders in an operationally intensive and complex business, and covered a targeted investment of hundreds of millions of pounds.
  • Central government organisation Detailed strategy, design and full implementation of a major initiative to put all the information needed by employees and stakeholders at their fingertips, underpinning the drive from policy to implementation.
  • Retail bank Strategy, design and operational delivery of Europe’s first straight-through transactions capability.
  • Global consumer products company Full lifecycle IT advisory service, covering global IT strategy, global IT delivery model and sourcing, and global programme office design and implementation.
  • Oil and gas major Global IT project portfolio assurance, focusing on making programmes, projects and IT initiatives achieve their full value. We deployed and maintained a global programme delivery framework, conducting programme health checks and providing proactive remedial actions to bring programmes back on track.
  • Oil and gas major Market data services supplier rationalisation programme. Reducing spend and “getting the same for less” using the latest market data services technology in the trading business.
  • Utility company Detailed design, business case creation and implementation of a portfolio of technology-enabled business transformations providing significant operational cost savings to the business.
  • Major retailer Design and implementation of an IT service delivery process and organisation.
  • In the divestment area, we have carried out a range of programmes to enable efficient and timely separation of divested technology systems in sectors including retail financial services, aviation and automotive.