Experienced Professionals

Tackle leading-edge projects that focus on what really matters to our clients. Collaborate with people who have strong intellects, focused ideas and clear opinions. Experience freedom in how you develop as a consultant. All in a culture that values what’s made you who you are.


Our industry focus

Variety as a consultant at Capgemini is a given. The clients we work with include vast global brands and complex FTSE 100 organisations. The projects we tackle span a wide range of industries. What's more, the teams you will work with will combine expertise in many different areas. Explore the main sectors in which we're applying experience and expertise below:

  • In an increasingly consumer-driven world, profitable growth is hard to find. Technology is where many of the biggest opportunities lie. You'll help clients take full advantage of it finding new ways for them to use digital to interact, engage and transact with their customers. It's a dynamic field, within which you'll provide end-to-end services that bring commercial success and transform businesses.

  • In recent years, traditional insurers have faced a variety of forces: from powerful new distribution channels to unprecedented customer empowerment. Technology-savvy customers are expecting and demanding more in terms of access, information and service. Working closely with the industry, you'll discover and deliver new ways of using digital technology to meet these challenges and many more.

  • Our global team has worked with 26 of the world's top 30 retailers over the last three years while in the UK, we're one of the fastest-growing retail consultancies. You'll support this growth working with major retailers to deliver change with both consumer and commercial impact. Your projects, meanwhile, will range from omni-channel developments and supply chain to business intelligence and website design.

  • This sector has never been more competitive. The need to improve customer experience particularly with regard to digital services is forcing banks to re-evaluate their business models. Many are looking to us to help them find the way forward. So you'll use your insight and expertise to help transform every aspect of the way in which our clients interact with their customers.

  • Our team lead the industry in helping clients evolve to meet ever-changing demands whatever form they take: regulatory pressures, consumer expectations, infrastructure challenges, cost control or workforce change. The projects you work on will transform your clients' business performance, operational integrity and sustainability delivering a better customer experience and sustainable commercial success.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness have long been the focus of government departments. Rapidly evolving technology means they now have to look further at issues like cyber security, citizen experience and improved data intelligence. This means you'll take on some fascinatingly intricate challenges. You could find yourself transforming core processes, delivering business change, or harnessing new technologies. Ultimately, you'll drive progress that benefits countless people nationwide.


Our competency focus

You may be experienced in consultancy. Equally, this could mark the start of a new direction in your career. Whatever your background, you'll find your home in one of our Practices. Each is dedicated to helping clients make the right decisions for their organisation, by offering specific, leading-edge expertise in the following areas:

  • You’ll devise and deliver strategies, fully integrated operating models, processes, mechanisms, structures and leadership cultures to improve our clients’ performance.

  • You’ll advise clients on significant business and organisational change, and then design and implement programmes using our practice methods, tools and techniques, in other words, you’ll make change “stick”.

  • You’ll help businesses match the pace of change in customer touch points, channels, processes and service delivery.  This will mean specialising in digital transformation and customer relationship management, and applying analytics and modelling techniques.

  • You’ll help our clients drive innovation, effectiveness and efficiency in their support services (individually or collectively) by taking a leading practice view of business partnering, process, sourcing and digital capabilities.