Harriet Seymour

Harriet Seymour
Associate Consultant for Capgemini United Kingdom - CC
With Capgemini since 2014
As a graduate, Capgemini has given me a wealth of opportunities to develop. It promotes an environment where nothing is out of reach and I am surrounded by motivating and inspiring colleagues.

My path at Capgemini

  • Joined Capgemini in in September 2014

    Joined Capgemini as a graduate in a cohort of 18. I had a fantastic start to my career through a two week induction in the London offices and a week at Capgemini University in Paris. I instantly felt settled and inspired and I built a network of consultants who I will remain friends with for life. 

  • First role on client site in October 2014

    I started my first role on client site. It was great to develop my skills and work in new environments and sectors and gain exposure to senior stakeholders at such an early time in my career. 

  • Capgemini Summer University in August 2014

    Attended a week long training course at Capgemini Summer University. I had the opportunity to extend my network internationally as well as expand my skill base and experience working in large cross-cultural teams

  • A whole year into my career in September 2015

    A whole year into my career and I have been on 4 different projects with roles ranging from a Business Analyst to a Process Mapper. I have also had the opportunity to work within 3 different sectors from which I can apply a wealth of learnings to current and future projects

My usual work day

I wake up at 6.30am, jump in the shower, have breakfast and dash for the next train to London Bridge station. I’m sat down in the office enjoying a coffee by 8am ready to start the working day. Usually the day starts with a team meeting so we can align our workstream activities and ensure everyone is on track.


Throughout the day I work with 3 other workstreams and often get to be involved with different activities within each.


After work I like to go for a run as part of my training schedule, I do a lot of 10k competitive races and I am currently training for my first half marathon. 



My personal life

I’m a keen long distance runner and enjoy competing in events all over London. Im always pushing to beat my personal bests and recently won a trophy for finishing in the top 3 women out of a field of 200. I have recently entered a Christmas themed 10k race where you have a mince pie at every 1k interval – this is one race I am particularly looking forward to! 


I work in Capgemini Consulting

  • Country
    United Kingdom - CC
  • Location
    London, United Kingdom
  • Experience level
    Entry level / Graduate
  • Education level
    Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Fun fact
    I was once on the dodgems with Prince Harry!

My life at Capgemini

Now a year into my consulting career, this is a perfect time to reflect on my experiences. I am incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to work on high profile projects within teams of Consultants who are leading SMEs in their areas. Within each project I have worked, everyone has been willing to offer their time and share their knowledge to help me to develop as a consultant and I am grateful for the emphasis the company places on personal development.


As my roles have progressed, I have been given greater responsibility as well as exposure to key project sponsors, which has further developed my project management skills. My favorite role was that of a Process Mapper on a project at a leading global bank where our team was commissioned to re-engineer their recruitment processes using agile methodologies. This role taught me practical skills such as using Business Optix and gave me a deeper understanding of the intricacies of processes within financial services.


I was also given the opportunity to help develop a virtual collaborative zone for all stakeholders who were part of the process redesign. Through this, I helped to develop a community who were more process orientated and a culture of knowledge sharing and collaborative which had lacked previously. I was deeply satisfying to know that my efforts had contributed to the result of a real appreciation of our culture and values by the client ‘this is the Capgemini way and it works’

Places I have been

Place : Les Fontaines

Date : August 2015

Purpose of visit : Attended a Digital People and Performance course as part of Capgemini University’s Summer Big Bets Week.

Highlights of my career so far

Awarded a place at a Capgemini Global gala dinner and awards event as part of a team of consultants whose efforts resulted in sales of almost £2m and being well placed to secure a further £1m during 2016. 


I have had a fantastic experience volunteering in a series of insight events with local schools, focusing on opportunities to work in technology companies. As a business ambassador during these events, I have led groups of students to help to boost their knowledge and understanding of the contemporary business world. These events have been a great success and an invaluable experience for the students who attend. But, it is not only a fantastic experience for the students, it is also a encouraging and eye opening experience for the ambassadors, teachers and employers who attended who are unanimously impressed by the enthusiasm the students displayed.  


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