Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer
Managing Consultant for Capgemini United Kingdom
With Capgemini since 2008
We all have different perspectives and everyone comes from a different background.

Working here has given me…

… a sense of empowerment. Capgemini does not dictate the approaches you have to follow: they don’t give you a manual, however they do provide the training and support you need to run programmes successfully. Risk taking and creative thinking is rewarded and you’re trusted to run with what you want to without too much audit up front.

My life at Capgemini

It’s very varied depending on the client situation and the problems you are addressing, but that’s what makes consulting interesting. We also have the flexibility to innovate here, which, considering the rise of digital, is an important and impactful strategy to take. I particularly enjoy working with the latest capabilities and developments in the market, and framing and applying these for our clients.

My life outside Capgemini

I play the piano and I’ve previously composed music for plays in London. I also have a private pilot’s licence, enjoy photography and have recently started programming apps.

I work in Business and Technology Innovation

  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Location
    London, UK
  • Experience level
    Experienced (non-manager)
  • Education level
    Bachelor's degree or equivalent

Highlights of my career so far

One of my biggest achievements has been to lead a core business-critical systems work stream on an airport separation project. Following a ruling by the Competitions Commission, our task was to set up one airport’s IT function to run independently of the other. I was particularly pleased that through careful planning, innovative thinking and prioritisation, we completed all of the go-lives successfully, and to plan, despite a very challenging timeline. The best bit for me, however, was the fantastic team spirit that we developed. Being a keen pilot myself, I also had a really good view across the airport from my desk, which has to be a highlight!


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