Rachel Charlton

Rachel Charlton
Vice President for Capgemini United Kingdom
With Capgemini since 2006
It’s extremely rewarding to have been in the shoes others have been in, and to have the ability to share my experiences in order to help people to grow.

Working here has given me...

...an accelerated platform to grow my career. It’s given me stretch, a strong network of role models and people to learn from, and has challenged me to learn and progress. It’s also given me confidence in my ability to lead, and helped to shape my leadership skills and capabilities. It’s all reflected in the innovation and flat hierarchy of the business.

My life at Capgemini

You are always learning – constant learning is very important. That emphasis on self-growth is incredibly satisfying, from both a client and a colleague perspective, because you know you’re working with exceptional people.

My life outside Capgemini

In my spare time I enjoy a lot of sports including mountain biking and skiing. I often combine these sports with my holidays.

I work in Business Model Transformation

  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Location
    London, UK
  • Experience level
  • Education level
    Bachelor's degree or equivalent

Highlights of my career so far

Making it to Vice President has been a huge achievement for me and it’s only been possible because of the people that I’ve worked with. I’ve enjoyed incredible support and encouragement. As a result, I always try to do the same with everyone else: it’s important to have a pyramid of support in place.


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