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Testimonial from Client

Working in a dynamic and global marketplace, we're finding new ways to use data to deliver competitive advantage.



Supporting global growth

With billions of people buying and using their products every day, our client is already one of the world's largest consumer goods companies. They are looking to us to help them become even bigger. The goal is to transform the way in which they handle, report and analyse data – providing them with the real-time customer and market insight they need to inform critical decisions.


As our client operates in an intensely competitive marketplace, there's pressure on them to find ways to use 'big data' to respond to industry and market trends. Time is of the essence in terms of both creation and deployment.


Speed is not the only issue. Our client is becoming ever more global in their reach, and they need solutions that can grow with them and respond to increasing volumes of data.


The solution we're shaping will become a regular feature in many people's working lives. It has to be something they can embrace, and that they want to use.


How we're working on the project
Working with business functions across four continents, we're providing full business consulting, technology and application management support. Elements of our programme have already gone live in a number of core functions, including supply chain and spend analytics.


We have put a three-year global roadmap in place. This ensures that we will ultimately rollout our new platform, tools and processes to all the business functions and geographies involved in this far-reaching project.


What we achieved

Although this is an ongoing project, our client is already profiting from better decision-making, based on global, real-time data and advanced analytical tools
They've also seen increased user adoption, with people across their business drawing on our solution to resolve their own queries
Looking ahead, we predict further business improvements, coupled with significant system cost savings


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