Utilities Client


Testimonial from Client

It has been great to be able not only to maintain but improve customer service, in these challenging economic times.



Transforming customer service

2 million households and businesses rely upon our client to supply crucial utilities. They came to us with an ambitious programme: in preparation for a rigorous Regulatory Review, they had to improve their financial efficiency - but at the same time, they were eager to increase their customer service and up-skill their own people.


Any money spent on consultancy had to be meticulously justified and signed off by the CEO, who faced a number of parliamentary questions on the issue. This was a project under intense scrutiny – yet one with the potential to have an enormous impact on the business.


What's more, the programme focused on major efficiency savings – meaning it had a direct impact on the entire workforce. Working practices had to be changed; but at the same time, the relationship between the client and its field force was absolutely pivotal.


How we worked on the project
We led the strategic analysis, detailed design and transformational programme stages of the programme. We helped to optimise their customer operations centre, drive productivity in their field force staff, reduce waste and the use of external contractors, tighten their commercial discipline and create a Lean performance academy and curriculum.


What we achieved

Our client moved from 13th in the UK Customer Service Index to 3rd
The increased productivity we helped them achieve meant they could reduce the front line support they needed by 15%
We helped train more than 160 of their workforce in Lean delivery principles – giving our client a solution that will continue to reap benefits
Over 100 bottom-up change initiatives were delivered
£100m was saved over the AMP period.


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