Business IT Strategy and Transformation

CIOs in central government are under pressure to provide innovative, high-value IT services. We provide comprehensive advice and help drawing on experience in both public and private sectors. 

Key Challenges

Digital technology and a changing IT landscape are putting additional pressure on CIOs in Government beyond the traditional challenges of efficiency and effectiveness. Business leaders are demanding innovative, high-value IT services and want them immediately.  If IT can’t deliver, business can go somewhere else. This demand for agility, innovation and value is having a profound impact on the role of IT in organisations across all sectors, but is particularly apparent in Government. The challenge for IT  leaders is to transform  the traditional IT department into a competitive provider of digital services. Digital technologies facilitate the emergence of alternative IT value chains to the traditional design, build and run and will increase the number of options for how to deploy and charge for IT services.

Our Solution

  • Many organisations have yet to fully realise the benefits of their investments in business information systems. A holistic view of key business information across the organisation that can be trusted is hindered by a lack of standards and a culture that does not exploit information as a strategic asset. Capgemini’s IT Strategy will help clients build the journey towards becoming an Intelligent organisation. We have our standard Intelligent Enterprise framework that helps clients towards achieving intelligence by providing a holistic view across people, process and information.

Digital IT operating models

  • Capgemini are working with organisations across Government to transform their IT departments from large project-driven entities into digital service providers emphasising innovation and creation of business value. We do this through working with clients to change their governance, processes and organisation structure to prioritise the quality of customer interactions and improved citizen compliance.

Business IT transformation

  • Capgemini offers a range of services that have changed clients’ IT organisations to better meet their business’ needs. The range includes IT Functional Performance Improvement and IT Transformation. As a leading service provider, Capgemini understands the importance of effective IT operations. It also understands the impact of introducing new service models in clients’ organisations and the importance of the retained IT organisation in enabling benefits to be realised. Capgemini has designed this service with particular reference to the Government Digital service Design Manual to ensure an alignment of recommendations and offerings to all departments and public bodies. 

CIO advisory

  • We work side by side with IT leaders in government organisations to help them manage the changing landscape in which they operate. As IT departments transform into digital service providers, the role of the CIO must also change as they become champions of innovation and digital exploitation. IT leaders’ knowledge of technology needs to be more extensive than ever before and Capgemini supports CIOs to develop this insight into the current trends and business opportunities the digital revolution presents.

SIAM advisory

  • Capgemini is an industry leader in advising on different service integration models. SIAM (Service Integration And Management) is used by Government organisations to manage different service providers in a consistent and efficient way, making sure that performance across a portfolio of different programmes is delivered to meet customer expectations. This is becoming increasingly critical, as Government moves from using a small number of large suppliers to using a greater number of smaller suppliers.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini are leaders in IT transformation and have been working collaboratively with government organisations for over 40 years.
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