Business Process Transformation

Process transformation promises efficiencies and better customer service, but can be hard when resources are tight. We offer IT-enabled solutions that make transformation possible and affordable, and minimise risk.

Key Challenges

Our Government clients are increasingly required to cut costs, drive efficiencies in their ways of working and improve their processes, all whilst delivering a more customer-centric, digital citizen experience. To date, cost reduction has primarily been achieved in procurement, resource spend and by cutting back on projects. However, there are immediately available benefits to be realised through process transformation, but government departments do not have any capital to invest to  exploit these opportunities. Capgemini’s benefits driven approach to business process improvement enables us to work collaboratively with our government clients to identify technology driven solutions for process transformation and commit to delivering the outcomes jointly, with a shared ownership of the risk.

Our solution

Idea generation
  • All transformations start with an idea. Capgemini works alongside government organisations to facilitate innovation workshops,  run testing hubs  and collaborate with stakeholders  from across the business to generate ideas that help  to realise immediate benefits; driving out cost, optimising process and making end to end services more efficient.
  • We work collaboratively with our clients to capture data and generate insight that will accelerate these process transformation opportunities.

Benefits driven solution development
  • Capgemini helps government organisations address their challenges by developing innovative technology based solutions. The process of ‘stress-testing’ and ‘sense-checking’ these ideas is  supported by Capgemini’s client side solutions team with its client-site Investigation Hubs.
  • We ensure benefits are defined and quantified up-front and are supported by an ongoing benefits tracking and measurement framework. There is a joint commitment between us and our clients to  deliver these outcomes and share the risk.

Requirement gathering and change assessment
  • Once a solution is agreed, we support our clients to gather the specific requirements to let detail design work commence, including a full change impact assessment on each business area involved.  Timely and appropriate communication planning is critical both before, and during implementation.

  • This is all about implementing the solution. Capgemini are leaders in Government business transformation and understand the challenges that need to be overcome to deliver a successful project.
  • We ensure the entire lifecycle is underpinned by detailed benefits metrics, defined up-front, to ensure solution teams are confident that their transformation initiatives have demonstrable business value.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini are leaders in business transformation have been working collaboratively with government organisations for over 40 years.

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