Cyber Security

We help government clients gain insight into today’s complex and fast-changing security issues, design a strategy to tackle these issues and then deliver the transformation that is necessary to manage their cyber risks.

Key challenges

The shift towards Digital is making the identification and management of Cyber risks more difficult. Adoption of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies is introducing new risks to sensitive data and other digital assets. Additionally, the twin drivers of digital and the creation of business ecosystems is blurring the traditional boundaries between organisations and individuals; business is far more interconnected, requiring a people and data centric defence approach. For our Government clients, the focus of cyber security is transforming from defending the castle, to one of protecting the Digital Community. Rather than point solutions to address specific problems, a holistic and strategic security transformation is needed to ensure safe, secure and resilient operation.

Our solution

Developing insight
  • We help Government clients to understand the key security issues facing their organisation and to assess the current and required levels of cyber security maturity needed to protect their business. With deep experience in cyber security across different industries we can provide a real understanding of where, why and how the organisation should focus their cyber efforts and resources.

Designing the strategy
  • We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure Cyber Security strategies, policies, processes, procedures and controls are fit for the Digital era. These help clients to protect their physical and digital assets as boundaries and responsibilities become increasingly blurred and the pace of change continues to increase relentlessly.

Delivering the transformation
  • We help clients to design and implement integrated solutions that enable them to improve management of real time Cyber Security risks across business, technology and data domains. We embed a risk awareness culture which makes on-going risk management affordable and effective.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini have a strong track record in cyber security across different industries, and have been working collaboratively with government organisations for over 40 years.
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