Government Analytics

To be “digital by default”, government organisations must make full use of the data available. Our analytics solutions, delivered through agile methods, make data-driven decision-making a reality.

Key challenges

We know that across Government, different organisations want to understand how they can progress their ambitions of becoming ‘digital by default’ through improved intelligence and insight. Many are questioning how to get value from the current mass of data that is available to them to improve compliance, reduce cost and enhance citizen engagement. Capgemini provide accelerated delivery of analytics solutions through agile methodologies to enable data-driven decision making in Government, whilst supporting growth of the UK economy through harnessing SMEs and Open Source technology.

Our solution

We help Tax & Welfare organisations use advanced analytics to intercept fraud, identify error and drive compliance by:

  • Utilising real-time or near real-time detection
  • Using risk based analytics to link data and improve case prioritisation

We help Defence organisations to resource, protect and equip UK forces by:

  • Moving from MI reporting to analytics based insight
  • Unlocking  intelligence within defence data
  • We help Public Security organisations use advanced analytics to reduce crime, protect UK borders & counter threats to National Security by:
  • Providing intelligence based analytics to prevent crime.
  • Using advanced analytics to identify potential offenders.
  • We help Healthcare organisations use advanced analytics to improve the UK health economy by:
  • Reducing people entering the system and predicting the requirements of the healthcare system
  • Dealing more efficiently with people within the system and improving outcomes for people leaving the system
  • We help Environmental organisations use advanced analytics to improve the UK environment by:
  • Predicting and managing real time events and risks
  • Prioritising the repair of assets and environmental defences and better equipping the workforce with real-time intelligence

We help organisations across Government to understand how to develop their own analytics capability

  • Quantifying the value that analytics can deliver for the business and assessing the current capabilities within the organisation
  • Evaluating the analytics opportunities and developing the analytics delivery model that is appropriate for the client
  • Designing and embedding this delivery model,  up-skilling the workforce and using detailed metrics to track benefits 

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini have the capabilities required to provide end-to-end analytics services, the experience delivering both open source and propriety solutions and have been working collaboratively with government organisations for over 40 years.
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