Digital Transformation and Operating Model

In a rapidly evolving digital economy, consumer product companies increasingly need to reappraise what they do and how they do it. They need to create agility in their organisational structures, break down silos to allow them to engage seamlessly across the path to purchase, up-skill their teams and change ways of working and behaviour.

Our Solution

Our deep understanding of market forces such as the blurring role of marketing and sales; the need for increased collaboration with retailers; balancing local and global ambition; and driving agility in processes and budgets allows us to keep our clients a step ahead. Our robust global methodologies and practical experience help set your strategic direction, create new operating models, deliver sustainable transformation and change behaviour and culture by winning hearts and minds.

We can help you:

  • Define and deliver a future operating model
  • Define and execute your transformation journey
  • Implement an agile, future-ready, cross functional business process
  • Deliver innovative change management, training and communication

Why Capgemini?

We pioneer leading thinking and practice in digital marketing and have been successfully designing and delivering business transformation for 25 years. Our proven organisational model expertise is based on extensive experience with marketing organisations across sectors and is recognised as an industry standard. We have deep industry skills in our team that allow us to deliver realistic and pragmatic answers: accommodating the complexity of large CPGs is a core capability.