Supply Chain Transformation

Dramatic changes in consumer behaviour, business innovation, demographics and economics mean that value chains frequently fail to meet business goals as they once did. We address the challenges to traditional supply chain models, driving greater collaboration and evolving towards value networks organised around consumers whilst delivering shareholder value and growth.

Our Solution

Capgemini operates across the supply chain to reduce complexity, support top-line growth and drive out cost. Our offerings address our clients’ challenges and draw on our capabilities to deliver sustainable change through:

  • Supply chain insight and analytics - driving performance improvement and value delivery
  • Demand-driven supply chain - placing consumers at the centre of supply chain collaboration and planning
  • Integrated business planning - aligning sales, marketing, finance and the supply chain to achieve greater profit
  • Industry 4.0 - driving digital transformation across operations

Why Capgemini?

We bring sector expertise and insight to get under the skin of your business, working closely with you and your people to deliver the change and results you require. We align technology with your business and create pragmatic, functional solutions to the challenges you face, with a focus on delivering rapid value and profitable outcomes.