Analytics for competitive advantage

We can help consumer products companies gain competitive advantage by exploiting today’s analytics to understand customers’ needs, innovate rapidly and predict the outcomes of their decisions.

Key challenges

Whatever you would like to know about your business, your customer or your competitors, the relevant data probably exists somewhere in today’s world of big data. What’s more, today’s information consumers – including your employees – know this: they want more information and insight, and they want it now.
Companies that succeed in exploiting today’s analytics will have a clear advantage over their competitors: the ability to understand the customer’s needs before they do, the opportunity to bring innovation to the market faster than ever before and the security of knowing that whatever decisions they make, there is a predictable outcome.
Turning data into information and insight is challenging, however. Companies need to keep up with rapid technology evolution, and integrate their choice of big data technology with existing business intelligence solutions. They must make the right decisions about infrastructure, architecture (such as cloud), security and privacy. Also required is a comprehensive understanding of the business and its data, plus the analytical skills to turn that data into insight. Data scientists – people with the data manipulation and coding skills to explore vast datasets rapidly – are scarce.

Our solution

  • From data gathering, storage and integration, through statistical modelling and data mining, to information presentation and insight generation, the analytics approach must be comprehensive and cohesive. We help our clients understand and put in place:
  • An understanding of where analytics can best support the business, from understanding consumer behaviour to predicting financial outcomes.
  • The data essentials – frameworks, models, standards, privacy and security. 
  • The skills, capabilities and technologies to deliver consumer and customer insight.
  • The mechanisms and ability to join this insight together with wider business intelligence to create better decision-making across the entire organisation.

Why Capgemini?

Whether you are establishing a proof of value or building an industrialised data analytics ecosystem, our experience in developing all aspects of analytics solutions will ensure speed, agility and success. We have developed proprietary operating models for establishing analytics services and implemented these models in some of the world’s most data-rich businesses. Our expertise spans multiple architecture and application options; we have the software partnerships and implementation expertise that you’d expect from a Gartner-recognised market leader, but are independent and unbiased.
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