Digitally enabling the sales force

Capgemini works with consumer products companies to plan and realise digital capabilities for the sales force. These capabilities position them to sell successfully to all types of customers, anywhere in the world.

Key challenges

The customer landscape has never been more challenging. Significant channel shift is happening across developed and developing markets, with new channels such as e-Commerce and online marketplaces emerging and traditional trade changing too. The capability of many organisations is being stretched by the need to sell both to increasingly sophisticated global and multichannel key account customers and to millions of rapidly changing small independent shops in markets such as Brazil, India and China.

Our solution

  • At Capgemini we work with our clients to set the vision for a digitally enabled sales capability and then deliver on that promise. This vision must encompass the latest evolutions of established capabilities for customer relationship management (CRM) and trade promotion management (TPM), as well as key innovations in retail execution/merchandising, ordering/fulfilment and effective field sales (through mobile-enabled insights, inspirational content, collaboration/gamification and process optimisation).
  • We help deliver to clients tangible business benefits in field sales efficiency, field sales conversion, customer service levels and satisfaction, trade promotions optimisation and overall sales force effectiveness.

Why Capgemini?

As well as our experience and expertise in this area, Capgemini has three advantages for digitally enabling the sales force:
  • Through our retail practice, we understand the convergence of the consumer and shopper journeys and the need for collaboration between consumer products companies and retailers. We work with 27 of the world’s top 30 retailers, helping them optimise customer experience, commercial effectiveness and processes.
  • We can help clients exploit these innovations rapidly and deliver fast local results (in both developed and emerging markets) in the context of a sustainable business and technology roadmap.
  • We understand the business of the marketing and supply chain functions, as well as the technology of front- and back-end systems, positioning us ideally to facilitate integration of all of these elements for effective sales enablement.
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