The future of consumer and shopper engagement

With our help, consumer products clients can anticipate, understand and respond to the expectations of a new generation of consumers, who have grown up in a digitally connected world.

Key Challenges

Today’s consumer has grown up in a digitally connected world. They place more trust in the views of people they have never met than in the brands themselves, consume more digital than traditional media, research online before purchasing, and expect personalised service and value in any chosen combination of channels (mobile, social, web, store). These new consumers demand a digital response.

Our Solution

  • At Capgemini Consulting we work with our clients to help them understand, navigate and drive competitive advantage in this new world – embracing digital as the next game changer for consumer engagement and putting the consumer at the heart of their business. We help our clients:
  • Define and deliver marketing/consumer engagement strategies, ensuring they are set up to win the fight to inspire.
  • Design and implement CRM and campaign management capabilities enabling companies to capture consumer data, analyse it to build deep understanding, and use that understanding to deliver targeted, relevant consumer engagement.
  • Define the value of marketing and consumer engagement capabilities and the key metrics to track their effective use.
  • Define the marketing operating models and governance required to support new capabilities both locally and globally.

Why Capgemini?

  • Capgemini is recognised by analysts as a market leader in digital transformation.
  • We understand how to drive holistic marketing effectiveness, not just channel optimisation. Our dedicated digital teams understand the impact of digital on consumer journeys, marketing operations and technology.
  • We understand what it takes for a business to embrace new ideas and technologies – IT-enabled business transformation is fundamental to our business, we have proven success and can be trusted to deliver.
  • We understand how your whole business works and how changes in marketing and consumer engagement will mean changes everywhere.
  • We understand the importance of measurement and clarity of results in helping you make decisions; our specialist teams are currently delivering the world’s largest leading-edge programmes.
  • As demonstrated by our Immediate framework, our technology approach delivers maximum flexibility, so companies are not locked into a specific technological choice and can keep pace with innovation.
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