Win along the path to purchase

We help consumer products companies to take full advantage of the possibilities of digital in order to accommodate the expectations of “millennials” and create new ways to sell.

Key challenges

Today’s digitally enabled society is interacting, engaging and transacting with brands and products in new ways. Ever-increasing innovation in technology, the growth of emerging market players and a rapidly shifting retail market will radically transform tomorrow’s transaction landscape.
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies faced a generation of “millennial” consumers. Born after 1980, these individuals will have more spending power than any other generation. They may only rarely visit stores and will increasingly shop from the comfort of home. Coupled with a proliferation of purchase channels and sources of inspiration such as mobile media or social networks, this trend is creating a distracted shopper with an increasingly complex set of expectations and behaviours.

We believe digital presents an opportunity for consumer products companies to tap in to new transaction points, to rapidly expand into fast-growing emerging markets and to create new ways to sell more by engaging consumers across the rapidly evolving shopping journey.

Our solution

At Capgemini Consulting we work with clients to help them win all the way along the consumer path to purchase. We help them to get e-tail basics right (optimising the four Ps), to understand the triggers of purchase journeys from social and mobile channels, to deliver inspiring content, offers and utility with optimal placement, and to develop new ways of collaborating with retailers to influence conversion. We also help consumer products companies move into direct-to-consumer commerce, putting in place the right supporting propositions, transactional platforms and operational models.

Why Capgemini?

As well as our experience and expertise in this area, Capgemini has specific strengths in helping companies along the path to purchase:
  • Our cutting-edge work with the world’s leading CPG companies in delivering consumer insight and analytics allows us to help companies prioritise their development efforts.
  • Through our retail practice, we understand the convergence of the consumer and shopper journeys and the need for collaboration between consumer products companies and retailers. We work with 27 of the world’s top 30 retailers, helping them optimise customer experience, commercial effectiveness and processes.
We are recognised by analysts as market leaders in helping companies digitally transform their businesses and orchestrate flexible cloud-based technologies. We understand what it takes for a business to embrace new ideas and technologies – IT-enabled business transformation is fundamental to our business, we have proven success and can be trusted to deliver.
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