Creating digital channels across a major European banking group

Successful implementation of a broad programme of digitisation requires a comprehensive understanding of the business and a well-planned delivery programme to maximise the return on what will be a significant investment. We work hand in hand with this major group to achieve just that.

The situation

Digitisation was the key priority for the group, with the objective of becoming a pioneer. The primary objective was to redevelop the relationship with customers using digital technology. Essentially this involved establishing greater proximity to the customers, responding quickly to their personal needs and enabling as many contact points as possible. This required the development and implementation of various digital initiatives.

The solution

We developed end-to-end digital initiatives (i.e. design, proof of concept, pilot testing, rollout and further development) to enhance the digital channel experience and evolve the future digital workplace.

The following core initiatives were developed and implemented:

  • Pilot testing of video consultations.
  • Rollout of iPads to executives, sales and customer service.
  • Nationwide rollout of WiFi hotspots in bank branches.
  • Defined and started implementation for future digital branches.

The result                   

We successfully guided the bank throughout the digitalisation project, resulting in an enhanced customer experience, greater efficiency and cost savings across the organisation. Further digitisation reduced the travel time for experts between branches and established the brand as an innovation leader. Adapting branches to meet customer needs also made them more attractive to customers.