Customer Transformation

Price is no longer a differentiator. In today’s crowded Utilities market, where customer expectations are high and digital disruption plays an ever-larger role, it’s deep, meaningful customer relationships that are key. Relationships built on honesty, trust and hard work. Exactly what you can expect from us. 

Our Solution

We delve right into what makes your business tick. So whether you’re facing business change, Energy market reform, or Water deregulation, we’ll craft an inventive solution that’s particular to you. A solution that’s focused on your customers. And that benefits from our pioneering spirit and digital know-how. We’ll explore many different challenges with you, with a focus on:


  • Digital Customer Experience 
  • CRM Readiness & Strategy
  • Channel Strategy & Optimisation
  • Customer Operations
  • Customer Data Management & Analytics
  • Digital Readiness & Strategy


Why Capgemini?

Customer transformation is pivotal to the future success of Utilities – and customer relationship development is vital for us too. We’ll help you win hearts and minds – but we’ll work to win yours at the same time. We’ll get under the skin of your business. We’ll live and breathe your industry. And with insight, foresight and expert methodology at our disposal, we’ll help you face the challenges ahead. All of which means we can champion continuous, sustainable change, every time.