Business Analytics

Turning data into profit.

Business analytics is more than business intelligence, data warehouses or “big data”, although those capabilities are important. It is the application of high-end statistical and mathematical techniques to data to create better decisions and outcomes. In our 2012 survey with the Economist Intelligence Unit, respondents estimated that, for processes where analytical techniques have been applied, on average they have seen a 26% improvement in performance over the past three years. They expect it to improve by 41% over the next three.

To achieve that kind of improvement, you need to be able to integrate three things:

  • Multiple, complex and often incomplete data sets
  • The right algorithms, models and tools
  • An understanding of how to apply these to the job of delivering more profit and growth

This takes a rare combination of skills.

Our expertise

Our business analytics consultancy team specialises in exactly this: the application of data science to complex business problems. Our team is made up of experienced business consultants with a mathematical background: typically a minimum of a master’s degree in statistical science.

Often our team is engaged early by clients to identify which business challenges can be transformed through analytics. We demonstrate the potential and the business case, and then work with clients through the whole lifecycle to make sure that potential is delivered.

We believe our team is unusual for its combination of genuine business consultants and deep analytical skills. We act as a bridge into the market-leading analytical capabilities of the Capgemini Group. Capgemini has over 7,000 people worldwide providing high-function analytics-based solutions to all major industry sectors and business functions.

Our track record

We have a long track record of successfully providing business analytics advice to both public and private sectors; our analytics team’s heritage goes back 30 years. Most recently, our clients have been asking for our support with their approach to, and strategy for, analytics (“big data” in particular), with making business sense out of the explosion of customer-related information, and with finding new models for identifying profit.

If you think that your organisation could benefit from a leading analytics capability, then please contact us.