Digital Transformation

Achieving profitable digitally-enabled business transformation.

Even in today’s uncertain climate, there are no new business problems, but there are more innovative and cost-effective ways to solve the old ones. 

Many technologies have matured at the same time: mobile, social, automation, smart phones, tablets, smart… Their use is now widespread. Customers’ expectations of the organisations and governments that serve them have increased dramatically. Employees want a more collaborative experience at work, and organisations need to cultivate their ability to learn, anticipate and deliver change.

At the same time, many enterprises have reached the limit of productivity in their current business model and cannot achieve step-changes in profitability via traditional methods. In addition, governments are betting on digital to save costs and transform their relationship with citizens.

All this points to one conclusion: companies that apply digital intelligently today will be better positioned to compete tomorrow. It’s crucial to work with the right partner - one who understands how to achieve digitally-enabled business value. Capgemini Consulting is that partner.

Our expertise

Through our digital method of doing business, we help our clients unlock business value, focusing on optimising the workforce, growing profitably and sustainably, and achieving better customer engagement – all enabled through the intelligent use of insight and experience.

In short, we digitally transform businesses – their people, functions and processes, and their ability to collaborate and innovate through the creation of a social enterprise.

Our track record

Not many companies can point to proven credentials in digital transformation, but Capgemini Consulting can. We have already helped major organisations to adopt an integrated approach that combines digitally-enabled transformation with intelligent use of business analytics to achieve bottom-line benefits. Clients have successfully achieved dramatic improvements in their operations through the application of insight to inform decision making, and hence business outcomes.

Our work is underpinned by a three-year joint research programme on digital transformation conducted jointly by Capgemini Consulting and MIT.