Enterprise Performance Management

Make sure your organisation has adapted to its environment and is focused on value generation.


Companies are constantly under pressure to deliver short-term results while assuring long-term growth. In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever that all resources within a business are focused on securing the best available return on investment and generating cash.


With the growing maturity of multi-channel retailing and digital marketing, and related changes to customer behaviour, businesses are evolving their operating models and thereby changing the drivers of cost and value. Accepted wisdoms may no longer be valid.

Embed insightful analysis into your planning cycles to deliver your strategic goals

Effective Enterprise Performance Management delivers a clear understanding of what makes money and what loses it; organisations can make sure that functions and business units, teams and individuals are all focused on profitable activities by using this understanding in a defined drumbeat of target-setting and performance review.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) also makes organisations more future oriented. Instead of asking “what happened?”, the business starts to ask “what should we do next?”. Management will start to intervene in a more timely way, and to make the right trade-offs between competing investments and between short- and long-term goals. Thanks to the increased transparency that EPM brings, the business travels in safety, with no surprises.


Our expertise

We help our clients to create an organisation that is aligned, integrated and informed. Our team has experience across the EPM agenda and focuses on driving change through our core offers

Offer - Customer centric performance management: “effective decision making in a multichannel business”

Companies operating in a multichannel environment need to embed the new operational data into their decision-making cycles; they also need to ensure robust accounting policies and processes to report accurately and to facilitate across channels. Their KPI framework needs to drive the right staff behaviours in support of the portfolio of channels.

Offer - Information simplification: “better conversations at a lower cost”

This focuses an organisation on the information that really matters, allows the business to report effectively, and provides the insights needed for dynamic decision-making.

Offer - Integrated profitability management: “objective analysis for better business decisions”

This highlights the business’s profitability across different products, customers, suppliers, markets and channels, identifies the objectives for, and obstacles to, reaching full profit potential, and then embeds the results of timely analysis in core business planning cycles.

Offer - Integrated business planning: “steering towards profit"

Businesses that hit their financial forecasts rarely achieve this through luck or better foresight alone. Commercial organisations therefore need to detect changes in customer demand and sales trends, and then flex sales activities and production to secure the equivalent financial result.


Our track record

Capgemini has proven EPM experience across multiple business sectors.

We have recently implemented EPM solutions at a FTSE-100 global consumer products company. We defined a comprehensive framework of KPIs and management reports for all functions and across all levels of the business, all of which were clearly linked back to the corporate strategy. We also defined the information model for the reports and specified the IT needed to support the framework in full.

For a FTSE-100 distribution company, we carried out a profit optimisation project that has improved branch-level visibility of profit performance, enabling behavioural change at the level where it counts. We defined a value driver tree, KPI framework, board reports, and performance reports for all divisions. We also re-engineered the performance calendar, including the target-setting, budgeting, forecasting and performance reviews, shortening timeframes and improving alignment of decisions.

We helped a pan-European service provider to understand why profitability varied between countries. Focusing on four key markets, we developed a value driver tree that aligned all drivers to price, revenue and margin. We were then able to analyse profitability across the organisation, model variables affecting profitability, and recommend initiatives to save costs and grow revenue. Management reporting was re-aligned to the identified critical drivers of performance.

Our experts

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Head of Enterprise Performance Management
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