Digital Transformation Review 10

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Digital technologies allow organisations to reinvent themselves – transforming the core of the business and finding and exploiting new sources of value. However, many organisations are struggling to reinvent themselves because they run up against a significant barrier – culture. Our research shows that culture is the number 1 barrier to digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Review 10 - digital culture gap
This edition of the Digital Transformation Review focuses on this critical, but neglected, topic:
  • How are large and traditional organisations tackling the thorny issue of digital culture?
  • What do digital-native firms do differently when it comes to digital culture?
  • What advice do leading academics have for organisations attempting to getdigital culture change right?
We share the insights of key leaders and experts on this topic, representing the views of traditional companies, academia, and the Silicon Valley. We also outline Capgeminis’ point of view on how organisations can close the growing employee-leadership gap in digital culture, drawing on an extensive global survey.