Digital Transformation Review n° 8: The New Innovation Paradigm for the Digital Age: Faster, Cheaper and Open

In this edition of the Digital Transformation Review, we examine how organizations can create sustainable and successful innovation strategy, drawing on our global panel of industry executives and academics.

We focus on four key themes:

  • Which digital innovations should be on organizations' radar screens?
  • How should companies promote innovation and embed it into their culture?
  • What lessons can we draw from organizations that are stand-out innovators?
  • What is the role and impact of innovation centers, including the Capgemini Consulting-Altimeter Group report, "The Innovation Game: Why and How Businesses are Investing in Innovation Centers".

Map of guest Contributors

The Innovation Game: Why and How Businesses are Investing in Innovation Centers

About the Digital Transformation Institute (DTI)

We are a global team drawing on a worldwide network of expertise and with dedicated research centers in the United Kingdom and India. We research the impact of digital technologies across sectors and corporate functions.

The quality of our research on digital transformation has been recognized by many analysts in the industry. Recently, Source Consulting, a leading market analyst, stated in its influential biannual survey on thought leadership: "The real success story here is around digital transformation, a subject on which the firm has produced several excellent pieces and now a dedicated journal." In its most recent report, the firm ranked Capgemini Consulting as #2 in its thought leadership leaderboard for H1 2014.

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