Digital Transformation that puts the customer at the heart of the design process

Faced with ageing legacy systems and the threat of falling behind more agile competitors, our client was at a turning point. It chose Capgemini to provide the digital capabilities needed to transform its business and serve the shifting needs of its customers.

The situation

This international bank had undergone the largest transformation program in its 250-year history, with a full-scale change to its core banking systems. This has given it the opportunity to innovate and accelerate the redesign of products, services and processes.

As part of this change the bank wants to become more customer-focused and needs to understand how the first release of the new system will be experienced – ensuring it can deliver the needs of the modern banking customer.

The solution

Capgemini is meeting the design challenges of this transformation through:

  • Bringing a team of user experience designers and front-end developers together in an agile environment.
  • Defining a cycle of three design sprints to create a solid design concept.
  • Leading another cycle of three site architecture sprints to put together the most instrumental user flows in parallel, with frequent assessment and validation of all design assets through user testing and iterations.

Capgemini is using the latest data driven techniques to provide insight into what customers really want, identifying 300 customer needs across 20 areas. These needs are distilled into six customer journeys with persona-based narratives, tested against focus groups and matched to channel functionality and planned process improvements.

The result

This knowledge is helping steer development of the new systems as well as providing senior stakeholders with insights into the bank they are creating, highlighting opportunities for future innovation. The bank is learning about its customers and this understanding enables full analysis of the customer impact across channels, coverage and processes. This is now driving the bank’s new operating model, ensuring that business decisions support customer needs. Our client is leading the way in being agile, digital and truly customer focused.