Digital Utilities Asset Transformation

Utilities companies need to get maximum value from their asset portfolios despite a range of challenges such as ageing infrastructure and budgetary constraints. We help by applying analytic and data management techniques to provide the insights needed for better asset-related decisions.

Key challenges

Asset-intensive organisations face considerable challenges, typically including ageing infrastructure, constrained budgets, reduced expertise as a result of an ageing workforce, and increasing stakeholder (e.g. regulator) and customer expectations. With large amounts of capital and operational expenditure tied up in asset investments, asset managers need to drive increased value from their assets by balancing competing business outcomes such as extended asset life, increased performance, reduced asset risk and whole-life cost.


Our solution

Our approach to intelligent asset management focuses on optimising the value delivered from asset portfolios. We do this by defining, capturing and managing the right data, and by using analytics to deliver insight to support the important decisions that drive business outcomes. We embed this capability within an appropriate technology and operating model so that the organisation can make better, more consistent and more sustainable decisions, now and in the future.

We collaborate with businesses to build and implement solutions to provide decision-makers with intelligent, accurate insight. Approaches include visualisation of asset condition and performance, predictive analytics to suggest when and how to intervene, and prescriptive analytics to optimise investments across the asset portfolio.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini delivers end-to-end digital asset management solutions, starting by defining the vision and strategy for asset management and continuing through to delivery of organisational capabilities and underpinning technology. The unique aspect of our services is that we deliver ongoing business benefit by enabling better decision-making throughout the asset lifecycle and across the organisation.

Digital asset management is required today – and it’s achievable. Advances in big data technologies and analytics make it possible to combine and make sense of multiple sources of structured and unstructured data. As companies continue to digitally transform, this requirement will grow. At the same time, more data will be available from smart meters, connected devices and other new operational technologies; assets will communicate their investment needs through the Internet of Things. Capgemini’s approach to digital asset management positions our clients to take full advantage of these opportunities.
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