Digital Utilities Employee Transformation

An ageing workforce means that utilities companies need to recruit and retain new staff, many with high – and justified – expectations about the digital tools they will have available. We can help companies attract, engage and retain these “digital employees”.

Key challenges

UK utilities’ unprecedented business challenges have come at a time when more than half the workforce is approaching retirement. Established industry priorities – safety, skills and productivity – are at risk as retirees are replaced by “digital natives” with different ways of working.

Training new staff fast and effectively is essential, but a bigger and perhaps more crucial challenge is that of meeting the expectations of these new joiners about the digital capabilities that will be provided to enable them to do their jobs.

Utilities companies know that these expectations are often justified. Digital innovation can boost productivity and performance. But lack of capabilities such as mobile access means that many organisations are missing out on the chance to collaborate better across a distributed workforce and to respond faster to changing market and regulatory conditions. According to our research, 70% of organisations feel they haven’t even started to harness digital tools to improve operational efficiency.

Our solution

We can help utilities leaders apply four vital levers to attract, engage and retain “digital employees”:
  • Employer value proposition: generations Y and Z prioritise lifestyle over pensions and expect to have multiple careers in their lifetime.
  • Management structure: hierarchical models must give way to self-managed, collaborative alliances that provide digital performance feedback.
  • Innovation and learning: innovation should be a way of life. Gamification, crowd-sourced knowledge management and recognition of innovation help.
  • Employee engagement: besides real-time feedback, a coaching culture can provide a supportive environment, as can recognition of leisure activities.
We can also work with HR to help develop and implement a vision for digitisation of its own activities, based on a long-term, holistic view of talent acquisition and engagement.

Why Capgemini?

We have developed a Digital Utilities Transformation framework, applying experience gained through decades of providing consulting, technology and outsourcing services to utilities worldwide. Capgemini Consulting gains additional best practice perspectives on the state of digital transformation around the world through joint research with MIT. Programmes like this give us a better understanding of the profound impact of digital technology shifts so that we can further refine our framework and approach.
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