Digital Utilities Transformation

Utilities companies face changing expectations on the part of both customers and employees. Our services can help these companies respond by rethinking business processes to transform the performance of both employees and assets.

Key challenges

The expectations of customers and employees have changed dramatically with the advent of digital. To meet those expectations, your company must embrace digital, providing capabilities like mobile interaction and an integrated customer experience across all channels.

Not many utilities companies have done this so far, but our research with MIT tells us that those that do stand to gain enormous competitive advantage. As “digirati” of the utilities world, they can leverage digital to outstrip the financial performance of the rest of the industry – just as companies like Burberry are doing in their sectors – while meeting the expectations of customers and employees.

Our solution

We help utilities companies radically rethink their marketing, sales and retail processes to meet customer expectations, and to transform the performance of employees and assets. We focus on three main elements:

Why Capgemini?

We have developed a Digital Utilities Transformation framework, applying experience gained through decades of providing consulting, technology and outsourcing services to utilities worldwide. Capgemini Consulting gains additional best practice perspectives on the state of digital transformation around the world through joint research with MIT. Programmes like this give us a better understanding of the profound impact of digital technology shifts so that we can further refine our framework and approach.
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