Jelger Groenland

Jelger Groenland
Expert in Strategic Risk Management, Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation
Member of : Cybersecurity

Organisation are undergoing a digital transformation by adopting and utilising new technology. I advise organisation about the cyber security aspect of this transformation from a business perspective.

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My experience

  • Management Consultant
    @ Capgemini Consulting
    In January 2015
  • MD
    @ Internet Firm
    In June 2014
  • Senior Consultant
    @ Financial Services
    From March 2013 to May 2014
  • Manager
    @ Management Consulting
    From October 2009 to February 2013
  • Business Development Analyst
    @ Telecommunications
    From October 2008 to September 2009
  • Junior Advisor
    @ Accounting Firm
    From October 2006 to September 2008

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