Performance Improvement

With a sector as dynamic as financial services, improving internal performance becomes a crucial differentiator. However, have you asked yourself whether the levers you turn to unlock profitability, optimise costs and improve operational effectiveness are actually the right ones?

Our Solution

To reach and sustain full potential, prioritising your organisation’s performance improvement when addressing business challenges is key. We can support you in solving these issues and in delivering measurable results in the following ways:


  • Benchmarking and re-defining your performance management framework
  • Transforming your finance operating model
  • Mapping, simulating and creating your operational processes
  • Implementing (Digital) Lean Methodology
  • Identifying, anticipating and mitigating risks to your organisation
  • Developing and maintaining governance and reporting systems
  • Designing and managing outsourcing, offshoring and shared service centre arrangements


Why Capgemini?

Our Financial Services Performance Improvement Team has a presence in more than 40 countries, drawing on our experience to offer a multidisciplinary approach. We bring sector knowledge and best practice to apply the latest industrial standards, accompanying your organisation on an end-to-end journey to introduce innovative measures based on their ability to achieve tangible results.