Having the conviction to sell vital change to a UK energy supplier


The goal was the rescue and transformation of one of the UK’s biggest utility suppliers. And after four weeks of discussion, many options were on the table. The best one? A total remodel of the business. But senior managers needed to be sure the risk was worth taking. Together with the company’s new Transformation Director, we helped them get behind a radical new way to make the whole organisation work.

The situation

Our client provided energy to homes all over the country. But while they powered the nation, their operating model was lagging behind. With no updates or reviews in years, it wasn’t fit to support the future of the business. Senior managers, however, needed to be convinced that radical change would work. After all, if something went wrong, it could put lights out all over the UK. We had to build trust and get everyone on the same page.

The solution

Here’s how we helped senior managers take a step back and gain fresh perspective.


  • Let’s be frank. By doing our research and reporting back the truth – the bad news and the good – we gained the respect of key figures across the company.
  • A dedicated personal service. We listened to the opinions of people throughout the business, explained our process thoroughly, and put real effort into winning their trust.   
  • Putting it in real terms. Working with a sizable roll of paper, we physically mapped out how the current and proposed models would work. Everyone could see the process flow from a new perspective, and understand where the current model was losing money.
  • Bringing the team together. To make the process easier, more collaborative and more efficient, we rented a space where everyone could work on the remodel together.


The result

A permanent shift for the better. The new operating model is more accountable, more streamlined and has improved the client’s relationship with regulators.

Everyone now has a clear sense of where the business is going. The client team trusts our service, recognises the value we add and has asked us to work on a suite of other projects.