All-Channel Experience - Delivery

We are an experienced digital transformation partner for insurance clients who are working to provide a seamless, consistent customer journey across channels. 

Key challenges

Once you have crafted your Insurance All-Channel Experience Strategy, you will need to deliver the business and technology transformation required to execute it. There are many prerequisites for doing so including:
  • Business case for transformation
  • Business requirements specification
  • Target operating model (TOM) for the transformed business
  • New technology architecture, with delivery roadmap
  • Transformation programme plans
With those in place, you need to initiate, run and control the programme, manage the required changes to the business, and ensure that expected benefits are realised. These are all difficult challenges if you have never undertaken such a programme before.

Our solution

  • Capgemini can work with you as your digital transformation partner, helping you to:
  • Prepare for your digital transformation programme launch.
  • Flesh out the details of the business and technology that need to be delivered by the programme, including the TOM and technology architecture.
  • Put in place appropriate governance and the programme management office required to support it.
  • Build/refine the business case for change.
  • Run the programme to optimise delivery timescales, scope and cost.
  • Prepare all those affected so that changes bed in successfully.
  • Ensure that transformation delivers the expected benefits.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini has been collaborating with major insurance companies around the world for more than 20 years. We are leading thinkers on digital transformation, and technology-enabled business transformation delivery has been in our DNA for nearly half a century. So if you’re transforming your insurance business for a digital world, please get in touch.
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