All-Channel Experience - Strategy

Insurers need a robust strategy for providing a customer journey that is seamless and consistent across channels. Capgemini can help them develop this strategy and plan how to execute it.

Key challenges

To compete successfully in a changing world, you have to provide an “All-Channel Experience” – a customer journey that is seamless and consistent, whatever channels customers choose to use. To achieve this you need a robust strategy that addresses several intermediate aims:
  • Price competitively. Manage pricing across all channels to provide value for money to customers and intermediaries, driving increased sales.
  • Connect elegantly. Create and maintain a personal, relevant dialogue with individual customers and markets, across communication and distribution channels, to learn more about them and improve conversions.
  • Engage regularly. Manage high-quality, rich and inspirational digital content across all distribution channels and touch points, driving higher customer and intermediary engagement.
  • Transform effectively. Understand the needs of your target customers, then develop the necessary vision, proposition, business model, roadmap and business case.
  • See completely. Use a single view of data for all strategic, tactical and operational decision making, to improve accuracy, avoid duplication and increase insight.
  • Measure relentlessly. Monitor and optimise performance across all channels to improve efficiency, enabling higher profitability and margins.

Our solution

Build your insurance business around your customers

  • Overview

The Insurance All Channel Experience - An Introduction

  • Example

The Insurance All Channel Experience - The Experience in Practice

  • Next Level of Detail

We can help you with:
  • Assessing your current level of maturity in each of the 21 elements required to deliver a market-leading insurance All-Channel Experience
  • Developing your company's strategy and vision for the experience you want to offer your customers
  • Creating the roadmap for delivering your vision
  • Developing the business case to support your strategy, vision and roadmap

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini has been collaborating with leading insurance companies around the world for more than 20 years, and is a leading thinker in the digital transformation space. So, if you’re considering the impact of digital on your customers, your intermediaries and your business, please get in touch. 
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