Digital Government Transformation

Digital Transformation is increasing Government’s ability to ‘sense and respond’ to emerging trends, customer needs and operational risks. The result? Better ‘real time’ customer experiences. Lower service costs. Improved performance. And a reputation to be proud of. It’s change we’ll help you achieve while you deliver day to day.

Our solution

Every Government organisation is different. That’s why we’ll explore your needs in depth before helping you define your goals, strategy and roadmap; develop and source digital capabilities; design, test and scale up new digital services and ways of working; hone in-house skills; and develop a great supplier network.  In short, we’ll create a bespoke, all-encompassing solution with a focus on:

  • Innovation to Value
  • Digital Experience Design
  • Business and Operational Process Redesign
  • Multi Speed Business Technology
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Transformation Advisory
  • Agile Transformation
  • Programme Design and Delivery
  • Transformation Change Management

Why Capgemini?

Our expertise is deep and wide-ranging. It’s won us recognition as a Top 5 Global Leader in Digital Transformation. It’s made us a thought leader. And, best of all, it’s helped us deliver tangible and lasting results right across the public sector. However you want to work, and whatever you want to transform, we can combine experts in different sectors, approaches and technologies to deliver change swiftly, efficiently and with ingenuity.