Government Analytics

Data is one of your most critical assets. We’ll help you wring every last drop of potential from it. Expect detailed insights. Plus analytics strategies that, until recently, would have been outside the realms of reality. You’ll enhance the way you work – and enrich your offer to the public.

Our Solution

Collaborating with you, and challenging you when we need to, we’ll propel your organisation forward by harnessing everything from SMEs to open source technology. We’ll help you become intelligence- and insight-led. And show you how to exploit big data to improve results, reduce costs and better engage with the public. We’ll equip you for the long-term by focusing on:


  • Operational and Workforce Analytics
  • Customer (citizen) Analytics
  • Analytics Transformation

Why Capgemini?

Our data and insight scientists have been building productive partnerships with public sector clients for over 20 years. The people in this inventive, pioneering team know just how complex developing in-house data and analytics skills can be. But time and time again, they’ve guided clients through the intricacies of the latest big data technologies, enabling them to harness all the insights and opportunities ahead. You’ll find it’s a journey that’s fun and eye-opening as well as business-critical.