Digital Strategy and Transformation

We help create a business model that enables banks to provide the digital experience their customers want, while dealing with other demands such as the growing regulatory burden.

Key challenges

Banks are playing catch-up when it comes to meeting customers’ digital expectations. Driven by social media, the popularity of smart devices, and disruptions in the payments, savings and investment markets, customers are shifting from traditional branch banking to online or mobile channels in search of speed, choice and flexibility.

Today’s banks must create a business model that offers the digital experience their customers demand. New entrants are posing a real threat to existing players by offering these experiences sooner, with branding untarnished by the perceived misdemeanours of the past.
Banks also face a growing regulatory burden. Requirements such as Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) add to the many demands on resources and management attention.

Our solution

It’s critical to understand and define your digital strategy, and whether your organisation wants to be a disruptor itself or just to react to disruption. Putting your strategy into action may entail transforming your organisation, defining and realising your digital operating model, building your understanding of your customers in order to re-craft the customer experience, and aligning the essential skills and capabilities to sustain the change. Capgemini helps clients across all markets to tackle these challenges successfully.
Special market drivers for banking include understanding the voice of the regulator and how it applies to your business, and working out how operations and compliance fit together with customer experience issues.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini’s financial services and banking consultants bring the skills, experience and expertise to advise and support your organisation throughout the digital transformation of your business, from the development of innovative strategy through to its execution, with a consistent focus on sustainable results. Capgemini can propose fresh, innovative methods and technology that build on experience with leading companies and governments worldwide. 
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