Regulatory Risk & Compliance

We help compliance functions within our banking clients transform themselves to be seen as enablers of progress and champions of new, more efficient operations.

Key challenges

Compliance functions are undergoing radical transformation. Rapidly changing regulations and increasing requirements, often combined with lack of investment, are posing tangible threats to the function’s traditional role. Compliance now needs to become an enabler of progress, moving from “make do and mend” towards a positive, forward-thinking model.

To do this, the compliance function must improve its operating model, becoming a highly visible yet “light touch” champion of new, more efficient operations. It must work hand-in-hand with every area of the business to remove constraints, encourage enterprise, maintain quality and improve top and bottom lines.

Many financial services companies face the additional challenge of rectifying and addressing poor service to customers, as in the recent PPI remediation. Proactive assistance can help develop robust processes and build system functionality to identify affected customers, then plan for and execute remediation. 

Our solution

  • We help clients understand issues and fix them before they become a regulatory matter. Our Operational Forensics offer “sizes the issue”, creating issues dashboards. We then utilise channel analytics and source code-based IT analysis for operational risk mitigation. We also conduct pre-emptive process reviews and create recommendations to remediate current issues and design the future process.
  • We work with the compliance function to improve its operating model and establish it as a facilitator/advisor rather than an obstacle to change. Compliance function reviews are conducted against market practices. We carry out high-level functional target operating model (TOM) design and build, and offer a “Compliance Academy” to move the compliance function to a forward-thinking and proactive model.
  • To ensure readiness for change, our New Regulation Transformation Design offer provides early warning by applying predictive analytics to operational and financial risk and fraud. In addition, we offer quality assurance for in-flight regulatory programmes.

Why Capgemini?

We challenge traditional delivery methods by emphasising stakeholder engagement and deploying creative visualisation techniques and acceleration methods (such as our Accelerated Solutions Environment). We’ve embedded analytical tools in our design and delivery methods to ensure decisions are driven by organisational data rather than opinions.
We have extensive experience in developing industry-specific applications of digital strategy. We’ve also developed methods for integrating digital technologies.
Our clients find that our blend of financial services resources with experience from other industries, alongside robust delivery expertise and experience (onshore and offshore), brings new ways of thinking to programme delivery. Engaging with our teams is easy thanks to our collaborative ways of working.

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